If you could visit one abandoned place anywhere in the world this summer, what would it be? For us, it would be Disney’s abandoned Discovery Island.


First opened to the public in 1974, Discovery Island is located in the heart of Walt Disney World. During its heyday, the island offered visitors a chance to see and interact with all kinds of exotic animals. The island was a hit for over twenty years, until it was mysteriously closed in 1999. To this day, nobody really knows for sure why. One theory states that it was closed due to the discovery of hazardous bacteria inhabiting the waters around the island. Another theory suggests that the park was closed down because of an ongoing investigation into the improper care of the animals that were housed there. And even others believe that the island was shut down because of the recent opening of Disney’s new Animal Kingdom park. After its closing, many of the animals were moved to other parks or allegedly left to roam free on the deserted island. Today, it is completely abandoned and heavily guarded by Disney. It leaves us all to wonder just what happened here, and what has become of the island since man’s departure.

Read about another explorer’s journey here – http://shaneperez.blogspot.hu/2009/12/discovery-island.html

  1. Now if Disney had “Abandoned Land” – I might consider going…

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