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Out of Gas – Hebron’s Abandoned Texaco Station

Written by: Sean L

Photos by: Amanda H

Back in December of 2014, we published an article on this site following our investigation of the abandoned buildings alongside Route 85 in Hebron, Connecticut. At the time, we were able to find very little information about them since there were no signs left to distinguish their former names. Now, thanks to some very helpful insight from a local historian we finally have some more information about these mysterious buildings. What we had believed at the time to be an abandoned garage, turns out was once a Texaco gas station. According to Larry Zimmerman, President of the Amston Lake Historical Society, the building “would not be taken over because of the ground pollution and 15 years of taxes.” Sadly, the old station has been left to crumble alongside the busy route. And though man has long since disappeared, nature has returned to claim this former business.

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Directly across from the Airline Trail State Park parking lot, this building was the oldest of the three abandoned structures and in the greatest state of disrepair. The roof had completely caved in over half of the building, and the entire back wall had been demolished on the other half. Most of the windows had been smashed and there was quite a bit of liter. It was only one floor. There was a section that appeared to be the office and then three garage bays. Though there was no recognizable sign left to distinguish the name of this former business, we did find a few old racing team signs on the ground. Lots of old tires, broken glass, and even an old sink were strewn about outside of the garage. Inside, we found quite a bit of evidence that some sort of large animal, more than likely a pack of stray dogs, has been living inside.

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