Disclaimer: Please do not enter onto any private property without consent from the landowner. It is illegal and can lead to an arrest. Most locations are protected by cameras and/or police presence. If you know or suspect a location is private property (see Rule #4)  please view it from the outside. Do not break in or vandalize! All locations on this website should be considered private property unless specifically stated as public property. Please do not request the location’s addresses. We had to search for them and so should you! The hunt for locations is the fun part. Abandoned Wonders and it’s contributors are not liable for your actions and we do not condone any unlawful activity.

Copyright and Permission: Unless otherwise noted, all images and content are property of Abandoned Winders and Hidden Wonders and Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved. No part of this website can be copied without written permission of the author/photographer.




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