From Your Nightmares
The Abandoned Hampton Hills

Written by: Sean L.
Photographs by: Amanda H.


What are you afraid of? It’s an honest question, really. Frankly it’s a question that we don’t ask each other or ourselves often enough. What is it that keeps you up at night? What is it that causes the fear to seep through your veins? What gives you nightmares? It’s a question any one of us could think about for hours, and the answer will always be unsettling. It’s something we are all familiar with: waking up in a cold sweat, sometimes out of breath, slowly trying to piece back together what was real and what was not. Some of us have even woken up screaming. It always takes a moment to come to your senses, to remember that it was all just a bad dream. I don’t care how tough you think you are, we’ve all awoken from a dark dream at some point in our lives. But sometimes those nightmares come to life. From what we’ve seen over the years, there are places in this world that are the work of darkness. Some places can be so dark and haunting, it’s as if they came straight from the blackest of dreams.


That is what we found in an abandoned building in the hills of Hampton, Connecticut. We have been unable to find out anything about this place, but it was one of our creepiest finds to date. It appears to have at one time been a shop of some kind, possibly a house. All investigative research has proven to be inconclusive. Strangely enough, this mystery building sits a mere stone’s throw away from an abandoned house. The doors had been left wide open, but a forest of briars and poison ivy kept us from getting too close to this one. Plus the local neighborhood watchdog wasn’t too thrilled by our presence. He may have been just a chihuahua, but his incessant barking was attracting a lot of attention. The mystery building lies more out of sight. From the outside, there really isn’t anything that makes this place special or unique. Some old farm machinery sits out front, alongside it is an old row boat. A few stone walls still stand. An old sign rots in the tall swaying grass. Several of the plate glass windows have been smashed on the first floor. It looks like your typical abandoned building. But it is inside this mysterious place that things get interesting.

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Piles and piles of stuff (I mean all kinds of stuff) lie strewn about inside this place. There is a large box filled with nails and screws. Another one full of old books and magazines. An ancient pair of sunglasses collects dust beside a rusting tool set. Old kitchenware and cooking utensils were mixed among the junk. Broken glass was everywhere. But most haunting of all are the dolls. Nearly a half dozen old dolls lay grouped together in a back room. There may have been a time when these were a treasured toy of some innocent child. Now they are merely dirty, broken, and forgotten carcasses. They were like something out of a nightmare. I half expected one of their ghoulish heads to slowly turn towards us as we took photos. I mean these things made Chucky look like a Barbie Doll. The whole place was creepy, to say the least. The ceilings were rotting black holes. Forgotten junk and pieces of shattered dreams coated the floors. And the smell was unimaginable. Like something from a nightmare.

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  1. Old dolls are the creepiest! I would have been out of there so quick 🙂

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