Abandoned Shoe Taken Back by Nature

What is your favorite story about your urban exploring? Did you have a scary moment running into dangerous individuals, did you have an exciting moment where you discovered a new place to explore? Do you have a favorite type of location to explore (ie. abandoned homes, hotels, hospitals, railways, etc.)? Share your stories below! We would love to hear about your experiences, incite, and suggestions for other explorers!!

~Amanda and Sean



  1. My favorite shoots are abandoned asylums – so many people spent their entire lives at these places – a noble experiment that, due to lack of funding, devolved in places of horror.

    A memorable shoot for me was at Hudson River Hospital (Poughkeepsie, NY) Up on the 10th floor of the Cheney building, I heard the sound of footsteps in the staircase…I froze in place and watch a skinny guy with a red mohawk turn the corner and make eye contact with me…shortly thereafter his goth girlfriend peeks around him and stares at me…”what are you doing here?’ he asks – I pull my respirator away from my face and say, “just shooting pictures”…they look at each other, then back at me and he says, “OK, but if you see seven black dudes in prison jumpsuits…they are with us…we’re making a movie.” I nod and go about finishing up my shoot.

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    • That’s great! Sean and I have run into some interesting people before while exploring. You got to be careful, never know who else is exploring at the same time. We spent time at an abandoned railroad and were near a tunnel. The tunnel was completely dark so I was going to snap a photo of the inside to see if my flash caught anything but as I was about to snap a photo I heard a voice say, “There’s someone out there.” Needless to say, we did not explore that tunnel!

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