The 5 Rules of Urban Exploration

Posted: October 27, 2014 by Hidden Wonders Photography in Abandoned Wonders, Hiking, Safety First, Urban Exploration
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Here are five rules that Sean and I always follow when out exploring abandoned wonders.

1. Never Go Alone

Abandoned places can be very dangerous. It is important to always use the buddy system in case the worst should happen. Always make sure someone on the outside knows where you are. It is important to bring a radio, whistle, and/or cell phone to alert others in case you are lost or in need of help.

2. Always Come Prepared

When out exploring always make sure to bring the following:




Flashlights and batteries


Proper Footwear


Head and/or Face Protection (if necessary)

First Aid Kit

3. Never Talk to Strangers 

People can be dangerous and you never know who you may run into. Keep your distance and “never talk to strangers.” If you hear a strange noise down a dark tunnel do not investigate (trust us!). You never want to put yourself in harms way.

4. Do Your Research

It is always important to know exactly where you are going and what to look for. Know your route, where to park, what may be off limits, and use google maps. It helps! Research ahead of time what equipment is needed (face/head protection, flashlights, etc.) and what isn’t needed. Never carry more than you need.

5. Leave No Trace

Do not vandalize, destroy, and or harm the location you are exploring. Vandals ruin these amazing places and often ruin it for the rest of us (cause police presence, etc.). Always pack out exactly what you pack in. Never litter!

  1. Jack says:

    Reblogged this on Wyrdwend and commented:
    I have my own set of rules about Vadding (rural, urban, whatever), and No. 1 is that I almost always go alone. And I usually go at night.
    Otherwise i thought this a very good set of rules.


    • Going alone can be very dangerous! If you do go I hope you tell someone on the outside where you are in case you do not return or you get hurt. We usually never go at night because police presence can be higher in the not so public areas and its a lot more dangerous. The people you don’t want to run into are usually out at night. Otherwise, thank you for the compliment and liking our 5 rules! ~Amanda

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      • Jack says:

        I hear ya Amanda, and generally speaking think you’re right. I am also however a man, a former private investigator, have a long history of Vadding since I was a kid, am never afraid of running into bad people (often I’m hunting them where they are squatting) and have a well developed set of protocols regarding escape and evasion and communications. Plus usually I’m armed. Well, always I’m armed, but often with my gun. And whatever else I need. Including my Vadding kit or gear-pack.

        But generally speaking I think you’re absolutely right. For most folks groups are best, and it’s best to play it safe. Especially women and kids.

        I was just speaking about me personally.

        Otherwise I agree with ya and enjoyed your article.


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